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Encore Penis Pump Reviews

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The Encore penis pump is a line of medical devices known as penis pumps and ED pumps. These devices are the first treatment offered to men who suffer from impotence or erectile dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction or impotence is considered the body’s inability to get or keep an erection for a period of time. The Encore penis pumps are available in 2 models, and can be paid for with Medicare or private insurance companies. Encore penis pumps are available through many different retailers for varying costs.

“My Classic Encore penis pump is the best investment I have made to my sexual health. I paid less than $100 once Medicare helped pay for it, and the Encore penis pump has worked wonderfully. Not only do I have the sex life I missed for so long, but my wife loves the fact that we can use it together.” –J. Ralph, NC
“The Encore penis pump is ideal for men of all ages. I was upset when I found out I had ED, but my doctor suggested getting the Esteem Encore penis pump. I found a website that sold them to diabetes patients, and they worked with my insurance company to help pay for it. I had a minimal copay and got my Encore penis pump in a few weeks. I have been using it now for over 3 months and love it. I don’t have to take the medications now, and since my diabetes is under control the Encore penis pump works even better than before. Thanks for helping me get my girlfriend back Encore!” – L. Craig, NY
“My Encore pump came in plain wrapping so my neighbors didn’t know what I had bought, which is very important to me. I got it only a few weeks after I placed the order and wow is all I have to say. With all my medications and failed attempts to cure the ED, this pump has given me back my life. Even though I am single, I still wanted a sex life and was unable to do anything because of the ED. Now the medications are working better with the pump, and it is so easy to use. Not only are the instructions great, but the video helped me to understand how it works. I feel better knowing that I can stop the medications and just use the pump and still have a great sex life.” – G. Brown, CT